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For Referring Health Professionals



Klinic Integrative Medicine provides expert integrative medicine services. We are trained in both converntional and CAM therapies. Our highly qualified practitioners provide clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture,

Common Reason For Referrals


Integrative Medical consults for:

  • Metabolic disorders and Weight Management

  • Dietary and nutritional support

  • Management of conditions that are not fully treated by conventional approaches such as IBS, GI issues, Chronic pain, Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Adressing patient concerns about ageing and providing preventitive strategies

  • Educating patients on integrative medicine and alternative approaches

  • Support and management for Chronic health conditions

  • Providing complementary therapies to conventional treatments


Referrals directly for a specific service such as:

  • Weight management, Cosmetic Injections, IV Therapy, Acupuncture, Nutritional assessents


Referrals for:

  •  Comprehensive Integrative Health Check-up

  •  Compounding nutritional botanical, skincare formulas



What makes our clinic unique:


  • Consultations are provided by a Medical Preactitioner with extensive  experience and training in the field of Integrative Meicine

  • Emphasis on Science and Evidence Based Medicine

  • Many of our referrals are Medical Practitioner driven referrals

  • Extensive range of Integrative Medicine service

  • Partneship with patients referring health practitioner

  • Continuity of care

Klinic Integrative Medicine

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Dr. Theodore Frangos MBBS

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