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Specialised Programs

Professional Weight Management 


Assessment by an experienced and qualified practitioner specialising in the area is of out-most importance. The correct blood tests are ordered to identify the patients metabolic defects. The treatments are unique as they can vary from person to person. The target is fatty tissue and not just total body weight, which results in the most successful weight reduction.

Treatments are designed with the patient in mind and are easy to follow. The maintenance is the most important part as it determines how successful the program has been.  We emphasize the importance of optimal weight in reducing many of the risk factors associated with it, such as cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, depression, and cancer just to name a few.


Cosmetic Medicine


The skin is the largest organ of our body. Healthy skin gives us confidence and is a way of communicating our state of being. Unlike many invasive procedures this program focuses on improving the quality of the skin.

Ancient techniques are combined with modern aesthetic procedures to restore, refine & rejuvenate the skin. It corrects sagging of the skin, supports collagen production, nerve supply, increases micro-circulation, and provides the skin with high grade vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Orthopaedic Medicine & Pain Management 

Regenerating/anti-inflammatory injections for painful muscles, ligaments and joints.

Preventitive & Wellness Medicine

Prevention is better than cure. This is the core of wellness & anti-ageing medicine. This program is designed for all ages who want to delay the process of ageing, prevent the onset of diseases that run in families or even reverse the ageing process.

All this is possible with the latest advances in genetic testing, dietary & nutritional supplementation tailored to each patients inherited make up; and state of the art neurotherapy techniques that keep the mind & cognition sharp. Successfully balancing the bio-markers of ageing will guarantee quality of life.

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